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Upcoming Projects

Here are some of the long term and short term projects and events, I will be working on from 2022 – 2024. We are continuously looking for partners and sponsors. Partnerships can come in the form of providing venues and spaces to film, co-ordinating and finding partcipants, filming people within other African countries so we have wide coverage, PR, Volunteering and yes of course donating or sponsoring so everyone can get paid and we can continue to have access to equipment. If you are interested in specifically becoming a partner please fill in the contact form below or send us an email to info@amandamarufu.com

2. Dear Jessica & John: Make room for Alex: Documentary Series & Book

The fact that I’m pansexual sort of hit me in the face one day. A lot of media tends to focus on coming out and the experience of telling people and negates the living breathing, ever evolving, at times confusing, exciting and invigorating experience of learning to love whilst unlearning heterosexual norms. This is a seven part mini documentary series featuring the daily lives and dating experiences of people within the LGBTQIA community. Each part will seek to interview different people at different stages of their discovery from teens, youth to adults. We will seek to investigate the experience of finding love and dating on the African landscape and interview both those who have come out and those who haven’t. We will also find out how dating has changed in this post-covid world and the different experiences of dating online during lockdown. Whilst also seeking to showcase the different lived experiences of self discovery and romance and a focus on the differences between romantic orientations and sexual orientations. Each part will also feature short historical facts about how sexuality was viewed on the African landscape before colonisation. No one's story is the same but every story is worth telling. You can be a part of this project anonymously through sharing your written story for the book or through video. We will take all necessary steps in keeping the identities of those who take part safe during filming and only showing the faces and identities of those who wish to do so. Safety is always our first priority. You can also be a part of the project through: Sending us a video submission , Being part of a zoom interview, Being filmed live or Sending in a voice recording. Book submissions and interviews will be conducted through email or WhatsApp. Concessions will be made for those without access to the above platforms.
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7. Lets Talk Sex: Video Series

In partnership with Hedone we are launching the Let’s Talk Sex video series aimed at unpacking, educating and most of all sharing what we find pleasurable and ushering us into a new age of loud, proud and informed sex education. We are looking for you to be a part of the journey sharing your own experiences with sex. What you know, what you would like to learn and what you would like to forget. You can be a part of this project through: Sending us a video submission , Being part of a zoom interview or Being filmed live.

8. Diary Of A Borderline: Podcast & Book

Around the age of 18 I became obsessed with finding out what was wrong with me. I desperately wanted help, any help, so I started studying psychology. For a long time I searched for something that would stick. Something that explained who I was and why I felt so crazy. The day I stumbled upon borderline personality disorder in a text book everything finally made sense. I found this one phrase that could help me define myself. When I was 19 I was officially diagnosed. It’s weird to explain but this validated something deep within me. It finally felt like I could understand what it was and what was going on with me. I was finally found. Yet it was hard at first to find access to groups and spaces with other people who could relate and resources of what it was actually like for those living with BPD beyond just medical words, symptoms and diagnosis. This podcast and book seek to bridge that gap talking to other people who are living BPD and chronicaling our own journeys, the highs, the lows and the triumphs to help another lost little girl just trying to understand what is going on within her mind. You can be a part of the project through:: Being part of a zoom interview, Sending in a voice recording, Book submissions and interviews will be conducted through email or WhatsApp.

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