Starlight Dancing

Speaking of events, today on my featured list I want to highlight an event hosted the Ballet School of Zimbabwe. Happening at the Ballet Centre, 109, East Road, Avondale every night at 6.30pm from Wednesday 24 to Sunday 30 September, 2018. This show features different dance schools on open air stage in the grounds of the center with tap modern, ballet, contemporary, hip hop and lyrical styles on display.

“Starlight Dancing”, which is the Dance Trust of Zimbabwe’s annual outdoor production was established over 35 years ago in a bid to provide senior dancers from all dancing studios an opportunity to perform (13+). It started as “Ballet in the Park” and was staged on the concrete stage in the Harare Gardens, later moved to the Ballet Centre and “Starlight Dancing” was born.

Approximately 100 dancers have been rehearsing different types of dance in order to provide an entertaining and varied programme.

Preparations are in full swing with the Masimba Group having erected the stage free of charge. The Dance Trust of Zimbabwe is very grateful to them – they have provided the stage every year since “Starlight Dancing” began. This weekend rehearsals on stage will take place and the finishing touches done. Over the years this production has been enjoyed both the dancers and the public so we hope that the 2018 production will receive the same amount of support.

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