Customer Persona Template

The goal of the Customer Persona is to know your customers better. Articulate their needs and desires, and anticipate what they want from your product or your business. This way you can focus on the product that will meet their needs.

Every product is engineered from the same set of features, but each one serves a different purpose. With a little research, you can make your client feel right at home.

That’s why we created a user persona template that helps you collect vast amounts of information about your visitors and create targeted and personalised experiences for them. With the Customer Persona template, we’ll start with a set of core values and with our support group help demonstrate how these values can be embodied in your product, service or website.

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PDF, Word and Excel



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The Customer Persona template allows you to create a sample customer as well as their stories and desires. Sometimes, it is difficult to know which features and benefits you need or want for your website, business or product. With this user persona, you can gather specific information about your customers and then hone in on the best features and benefits for your site and products. The layout you create will help guide you toward the correct choices and offer the best options for your online audience.


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