My Top 3 Creative Picks

My Top 3 Creative Picks

So if you’re like me you might be over all the hip-hop videos that only feature some house party, drinking and more often than not a couple of girls twerking. So here is my list of favorite videos from 2017 that not only disregarded the status quo but had some creativity thrown into the script.

1. Feel Right, Mik ft Yung Zee

As not only my favorite jam of 2017, being that one song you have to play more than once and a couple hundred times after that. Feel Right is that feel good, hip hop/ rnb song that might just have you calling your ex. The song off the A Book About Girls Mik Manjengwa album uses the concept of social media throughout the video. Although still featuring a number of very beautiful ladies, from the lyrics to the execution of the video itself, this is a true testament that hip hop in itself is not dead but is instead on the up and up.

2. Turn Me Up, Mussa Effect ft Calvin

Okay so if you believe in voodoo and maybe just maybe going a little crazy this song is for you. Turn Me Up as self-proclaimed the artist as something he worked on whilst trying to find his voice, shows you a simple glimpse into what it means to be Effected. This video featuring a number of artists from Buhle, Mik and many more shows what you can come up with when you let your mind wander and let your creativity be your guide. Mussa believes in letting music be your truth and this is one of those videos that leave you questioning just what exactly the truth is.

3. Beautiful Ndozvandiri – Tamy Feat. Takura & Dobba Don
If you’ve watched Black Panther, this song that seems to be taken right out of the movie’s script not only talks about embracing natural beauty which is message the world is fighting to spread but shows us an Africa that many of us have long since forgotten. Tamy who looks as ravishing as Danai Gurira in the super heroe movie in this video, shows us that Africa truly is beauty and music isn’t all about selling more drinks and firing up the party but also showing us an expression of beauty and creativity.

What are some of your favourite local videos that have been released in the past year?

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