Words from my 12 year old self.


1 Word, 4 Letters, 2 Syllables, 1 Meaning

It’s not always romantic
It doesn’t ultimately make the world go round
It doesn’t necessarily last forever
But it still controls every aspect of our lives.
Even as a child we strive for attention
Yearn for someone to somehow tell you how much you mean to them
We grow up hoping someday someone is going to see past our mistakes
Past our lies and past the pain

We keeping running and running hoping to one day stumble upon our own version of a fairy-tale
But is love truly a fairy-tale or is it the simple need of being wanted
The feeling of wanting to belong
We’ve made seem impossible to ever attain
When love is all around us
Our family, our friends
That one teacher who made a difference in our lives
That stranger who was there when you cried
Who made it all seem better for just one second

And then there’s that fairy-tale kind of love
You know the one that makes your heart stop beating
Where your entire world becomes interlinked with that one person, and life itself seems to be centered around them.
But this kind of love is not completely a fairy-tale, it’s short of being perfect, and is devoid of a future only focused on today.
They say love is blind, but love is all-seeing, just n0t completely believing
It forces you to open up without any hope of letting go

We chase it for so long, we forget about what to do when we finally find it
We soon find out that even when it seems to be within our grasp, it still seems far away
That even when you’ve completely given your heart, it’s not a guarantee of forever
That every step we rake does not necessarily get any easier
And every moment in itself isn’t perfect.
Love takes each moment and turns It into eternity
It takes each tear and turns it into a smile

But it also presents life in a way that you have never viewed it
Leaves you wanting to run even when you think you’ve finally caught it
Love is that emotion that can completely consume you and yet leave you still wanting
Gives you understanding yet your left feeling confused
Love is what I feel for the world, for people, for friends, for family
Love is that one feeling that keeps me holding on even when I feel like I can’t take just one more breath

Love is what we are chasing
Love is what we’ve found
Love is what we don’t understand
But we can’t run away from
Love to me is simply you.

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