Featured: KayGee40

So coming up first on my featured list, is an artist who’s striving to come first in every aspect of his career. Originally from the streets of Mutare, KayGee40 is not only inspiring to take over the music industry with his Afro-Soul sound but is the first Zim artist to drop a unisex fragrance range named after his trending single, Sterek.

It seems only fitting that his new single dropping this Friday the 21st of September is called Tora Mari, The song featuring Dj Shugeta and Nyasha Timbe is all about the grind and making money in this industry whilst also having fun of course because when the beat hits you can’t help but want to dance.

The man himself says, “This is a hustler’s song and most importantly a dance song. Tora Mari (get money) rise up and stop complaining and make things happen. If you don’t noone will make this happen for you. Its time we make things happen.”

With a unique African beat and hiphop twist the song highlights the hardwork the artist embodies in his daily life. Aiming to make sure this innovation in business does not only stop with him he also teaches music in schools since finishing the study of Ethnomusicology.

“It’s good to finally say that our music has reached another level in terms of quality and the producers are all Zimbabweans for that matter even music videos are now on the same level with those world over. My only worry is the income. Musicians must be able to live off music royalties, shows and endorsements just to name a few. We need people to invest more in our arts. I wish the government sees how music can push Zimbabwe in terms of Tourism. Look at Jamaica, they tried it and it worked.”

Ready to hear more, you can find him at KayGee40music.co.zwand if you didnt know the number 40 represents completeness!

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