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Its true 2018 has left us with a lot to desire when it to comes to, well just about everything but one area it did not disappoint in was music!

Do you guys remember this guy?

Well Perido has gone straight from the streets to the studio featuring on 4uxions Lost Ep on the track Victim.

If you haven’t heard it yet this is a hip-hop EP that is truly full of Soul and whilst 4 himself describes Perido as a rapper that kills the killer, one can’t ignore the immense talent that is shown in this young man, self-managed and an ever-growing producer, some of the best production I’ve heard coming from a young artist, 4uxion is a talent we ought to look out for!

4’s name 4uxion means integration because he composes different sounds and matches them all into one beat or one tape. His name became shortened fellow rappers who called him 4 which was ironic since his teachers used to call him 4 eyes because he wore glasses.

4 says, ‘My inspiration to the Lost EP comes from my everyday life here in Zinbabwe and how I see myself as a symbol of hope.

Im ALONE in working for RETIREMENT knowing that I’m NEXT but people wanna make me a VICTIM DZIMWE NGUVA asi still I live. & because I’m here to be a painkiller for my people, they can KEEP TALKING what’s on their minds, it’s okay.

I dont wish to rule anyone but to make us all blossom. We all want to help one another…cuz we are LOST.’

If like me you’re a fan, you can also find his music on APPLE MUSIC, Spotify, Tidal and Deezer

If like me you’re crazy about his beats you can contact him at


And hit him up through these social media accounts: Facebook|Twitter|Instagram


YouTube : 4uxion Beatz

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