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Amanda Tayte-Tait aka Amanda Marufu  is a Feminist, Tech- Entrepreneur, TV Producer, Blogger & Author. Co-Founder and CEO of Award Winning Media Company Visual Sensation & Feminist Content Creation Platform It’s A Feminist Thing. She is dedicated to using media and tech to spread awareness and change lives.

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At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me?

This is a story of my death the hands of society but it’s also the story of my rebirth. Speaking out in both pain and healing. The pain of rape, abuse, silence, suicide and mental health. How I found myself caged in a psych ward, afraid of what my sexuality meant. This is the story of how we became who we are and ultimately how I found the courage to speak out. This is my story but it’s also the story of so many others who came before me and it’s a symbol to say that we are no longer afraid.

24 and Reclaiming My Body

Featuring 8 people from across the African continent, this book will make you think. It’s a collection of essays and stories about young people who have been forced into uncomfortable situations because they did not want to conform to a societal ideal of being. 


This is a book about healing. Uncovering the moments that come after abuse. Unpacking and unlearning toxic behaviors. Forgiving others and forgiving yourself and most of all learning the all important lesson that love liberates. 


As one of the contributors Ubu stated: ”It is a pathway for a young woman to understand that she is not wrong for choosing herself and mapping her own journey. To remind her that when she does she will be abandoned those closest to her but it doesn’t mean she will not find her tribe.”

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Amanda! Wow, I cried this Is powerful so beautiful, and brilliant! I love how you can make us laugh in the midst of this. “you are not Bob the builder ” I could relate, and even found out something about my past self reading! Thank you so much and bravo Amanda this is a much-needed healing book. I am sure many will benefit from it myself included.
Zen The Master
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Fuck the patriarchy indeed. That was liberating, thrilling... Idk man, it was DOPE! And the part where you talk about... I want to say Rae?... But that awesome woman, I could practically see her. People like that exist?!!! Living embodiments of the primal aspects of life. Myths... Legends. I want to be like her. And the cobnclusion, pairing it with a contrast to the start. Once powerless, now willing to bite the hand of the "good natured" asshole. YES! the "i know...can i kiss you" CHILLS! you gave me a crush on someone i never met.
Enthuse Magazine
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In this haunting memoir “At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me”, endlessly talented filmmaker, producer, author, and blogger Amanda Tayte-Tait Marufu characterises the oppression (and triumphs) of women, the horrors of physical and sexual abuse, and the ongoing struggle to surmount the triple jeopardy of sexism, mental health stigmatisation and prejudication, as well as queerphobia, which is why it must become a quintessential novel for young people.
Becoming The Muse
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At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me is a raw and gritty read about rage, pain and healing, abuse, a society that forces people to conform, identity and sexuality. Its one person’s story and also the stories of others who have survived and the cycle of broken people who hurt others.
Louisa Msika
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Although set in Zimbabwe, each and every African girl-child can connect to the storyline. If not the rape, then the catcalls. If not the rape, then the sexual harassment. If not the rape, then the shaming of sexual abuse victims. If not the rape, then the normalcy of a society that worships patriarchy.This is not a book for feminists, this is a book for those that want to change their societies and uproot the evil that is there.
Mxolisi B Masuku
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At What Age Does My Body Belong to Me brings a much-needed fresh breath of dynamism to the problem of insensitivity associated with the need to consolidate identities on a moral high ground. - the need to feel like our systems are not responsible and it's someone else's fault.Unlike most before her, she brilliantly shows each social voice's origins and deconstructs it, instead of moralising throughout with no illustrative purpose.


In Her Words

15 women. 7 countries. 1 book. 

“In Her Words: African Women’s Perspectives on Gender Equality,” is a collection of essays that are equal parts thought provoking and witty from young women across the African continent and the diaspora. 

Too often, the lived experiences of African women are spoken about authoritatively people other than them. From the men of today to the ones who wrote down history, and even well meaning NGOs, African women have often been relegated to the role of spectators in their own life’s stories.

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