Amanda Tayte-Tait

Amanda Tayte-Tait aka Amanda Marufu  is a Feminist, Tech- Entrepreneur, TV Producer, Blogger & Author. Co-Founder and CEO of Award Winning Media Company Visual Sensation & Feminist Content Creation Platform It’s A Feminist Thing. She is dedicated to using media and tech to spread awareness and change lives.

Book Reviews

Chris Enthuse Magazine

“In this haunting memoir “At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me”, endlessly talented filmmaker, producer, author, and blogger Amanda Tayte-Tait Marufu characterises the oppression (and triumphs) of women, the horrors of physical and sexual abuse, and the ongoing struggle to surmount the triple jeopardy of sexism, mental health stigmatisation and prejudication, as well as queerphobia, which is why it must become a quintessential novel for young people.”

Zen The Master Film Director

“Fuck the patriarchy indeed. That was liberating, thrilling... Idk man, it was DOPE! And the part where you talk about... I want to say Rae?... But that awesome woman, I could practically see her. People like that exist?!!! Living embodiments of the primal aspects of life. Myths... Legends. I want to be like her. And the conclusion, pairing it with a contrast to the start. Once powerless, now willing to bite the hand of the "good natured" asshole. YES! the "i know...can i kiss you" CHILLS! you gave me a crush on someone i never met.”

Mxolisi B Masuku Pich Magazine

"The book’s crowning achievement is the analysis it provides on why victim blaming is common as opposed to focusing on the perpetrator or conditions which allowed the abuse to happen in the first place. It cites our need to absolve ourselves from responsibility through cliché statements like , “It’s not all of us who are like that." It also extends to a desperate attempt to deny that the problem because we can't stand the idea that our world can be so random and tragic."

Muriel Writer

“Amanda! Wow, I cried this Is powerful so beautiful, and brilliant! I love how you can make us laugh in the midst of this. “you are not Bob the builder ” I could relate, and even found out something about my past self by reading! Thank you so much and bravo Amanda this is a much-needed healing book. I am sure many will benefit from it myself included.”


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